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NAME:  Public Health Command Europe Army Hearing Program


TELEPHONE:  +49 (0) 6371 9464 9718

DSN:  314-590-9718

MAILING ADDRESS: Public Health Command Europe, Army Hearing Program, CMR 402, APO AE 09180

About the Army Hearing Program
Our mission is to maximize hearing and communication thus contributing to survivability, lethality, mission effectiveness and quality of life through four distinct yet overlapping pillars: Hearing Readiness, Clinical Hearing Services, Operational Hearing Services and Hearing Conservation. 

Our vision is to optimize Soldier readiness and survivability through hearing health education, appropriately fitted hearing protection devices (HPDs) and annual monitoring audiometry testing for: 
  • All Soldiers in all Compos and any MOS assigned to USAREUR. 
  • All noise exposed DA civilians and Local Nationals who are assigned to USAREUR and enrolled in the OSHA model based Hearing Conservation Program which falls under the purview of the Occupational Health section at PHCE.
Public Health Command Europe's Hearing Division offers the following trainings:
Army Hearing Program in Europe Status Reports

The Army Hearing Program Status Report - Europe (AHPSRE) provides a means for the Hearing Program Manager for Europe (HPM-E) to monitor, assess, and report aspects of the program as required by Department of Defense Instruction (DODI) 6055.12, Department of the Army Pamphlet (DA PAM) 40-501, Army in Europe Regulation (AER) 40-501, and the Chief of Staff of the Army’s Safety and Occupational Health objectives.

IAW AER 40-501 7(a)(17) the HPM-E is responsible for reporting program participation and progress metrics through the OCSURG, HQ USAREUR, to the CG, USAREUR on a regular basis. Chapter 9 of DA PAM 40-501 directs HPMs to collect and report certain metrics for the purpose of program evaluation. The report captures all of the required elements in the chapter and provides a vehicle for the collection of Measures of Performance (MOP) and Measures of Effectives (MOE) in order to report the metrics as directed.

Monthly Army Hearing Program in Europe Status Reports are listed below

Status Reports
January                  2022     2023
February                  2022     2023
March                  2022     2023   2024
May                   2022     2023
June                   2022
July                   2022     2023
August                   2022      2023
September   2021         2022     2023
October   2021         2022     2023
November   2021        2022      2023
December   2021         2022     2023