G-6 Information Management

If you are experiencing IT problems, please call the Enterprise Service Desk at DSN 590-1122.

Guide for Cardholders to Use Temporary Capability for CAC/VoLAC Certificate Update


Telework Survival Guide

Jabber Without Video

VTC Meeting Via The Web

Telework requirements during the COVID pandemic are placing high demand on the infrastructure across MRC,EUR. These increased demands are creating bottlenecks and access issues to phone lines and the Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Note - DISA is blocking streaming media e.g YouTube, Netflix, etc. due to the large amount of bandwidth these service use.  If you or other family members are using these services on your personal devices while teleworking you may also see degraded service.

When possible, employees should access email via Webmail (OWA).  No VPN required

Please use VPN only intermittently to access documents, reports and to place certain phone calls.

Teleconferencing and Video Calls
Conduct meeting calls via audio only and share slides via a share drive or SharePoint.

Phone Communication
Use government issued cell phones.  If you do not have a government cell phone, use CISCO Jabber to chat or call.  Jabber calls use network bandwidth so minimize time on Jabber calls or use the chat function as much as possible.

TIP 1: When connecting and utilizing VPN from home, minimize the number of network applications and systems to minimize local Internet traffic.
TIP 2: Be aware that every open Internet portal counts against the limit Internet portal limit for MRC,EUR be considerate and limit the number of open pages.
TIP 3: Email links instead of large documents; links or paths to shared document spaces.


Manages, plans, provides, and obtains support for all Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) functions of the command. Develops a command information program that incorporates concise planning for future development, management of implementation efforts, life cycle support of existing systems and programs, and efficient/timely customer support.

  • Serves as the principal advisor on areas of Information Management/Information Technology.
  • Develops, provides oversight, and coordinates regulatory reporting requirements.
  • Prepares and facilitate submission of IM/IT spend plans.
  • Implement a regional IM/IT governance program.
  • Provides guidance in system rationalization in support of the enterprise portfolio management program
  • Provides oversight of the acquisition of all automation requirements
  • Conducts staff assistance visits to subordinate units and implement the commander’s Organization Inspection Program.
  • Serves as the as the liaison to the USAREUR Department Contracting Personnel (DOCPER) for all contractors assigned under RHCE.
  • Serves as the Command Information Assurance/Cybersecurity program Manager for all MRC,EUR subordinate units
  • Implements and enforces MEDCOM and DHA Electronic Health Record policies
  • Provides oversight and support in the maintenance and sustainment of DHA enterprise systems and tools

Contact Information​



Sembach, Bldg 110



EMAIL: Usarmy.sembach.medcom-mrc-eur.list.g6@health.mil

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.