Contact Information

NAME:  Health Physics


TELEPHONE:  +49 (0) 6371-9464-9984

DSN:  314-590-9984

MAILING ADDRESS: Public Health Command Europe, UNIT 33105, Att.: Health Physics, APO AE 09180

About Health Physics


Mission: Health Physics Services provides oversight of radiological hazards within Public Health Command-Europe; and provides guidance, training, and assistance to units within the EUCOM, AFRICOM, and CENTCOM in order to ensure all DoD stakeholders are protected from the occupational, environmental, and CBRN hazards of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.


  • Dosimetry/Medical Surveillance: Coordinate with supporting medical personnel to help ensure that personnel receive appropriate occupational health surveillance. Conduct radiation dose assessments and health risk assessments. Provide dosimetry within the command when required. Provide all reportable dose investigations to higher.
  • X-Ray machine Surveys: Perform acceptance and periodic radiation protection surveys of medical, dental, and veterinary x-ray machines.
  • Radiological Consultation: Respond and provide consultation in the event of any accident or incident involving radiation or radioactive materials.
  • Radiological Contamination Surveys: Conduct historical site assessments and surveys in support of decommissioning of Army facilities. Provide guidance and support to units with radiological contamination.
  • Radiation Safety Training: Provide training to occupationally exposed individuals concerning radiation protection practices, the biological effects of ionizing radiation, and the risks of radiation exposure.
  • Radiation Safety Program Reviews: Perform periodic evaluations of the radiation protection programs at Army installations and organizations (such as medical and veterinary facilities, laboratories, and other units upon request).
  • Risk Communication/Site Assistance Visits: Communicate radiological, laser, or radiofrequency risk to the public. Provide technical assistance to other units on radiological contamination, exposure, training, or any other issues.