Command Judge Advocate

Mission: To provide professional, ethical, accurate, and timely legal support to the commanders and staff of the Medical Readiness Command, Europe; Public Health Command Europe (PHCE); Dental Health Command Europe (DHCE); Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) and its subordinate clinics; and U.S. Army Medical Activity – Bavaria (MEDDACB), and its subordinate clinics. We accomplish this mission by providing advice and guidance in Administrative and Military Law, Ethics and Standards of Conduct, Fiscal Law, Labor and Employment Law, and International Law (e.g., Agreements, Partnership Programs). We work hand-in-hand with our DHA OGC counterparts to make sure that all facets of the command’s mission are provided legal support.  Locally supporting Offices of the Staff Judge Advocate also provide legal support in the areas of personnel and property claims, legal assistance, military justice, international law, and operational law.

Contact Information



Sembach, Bldg 110

314-590-2114 or 2040

011-49-(0)6371-9464-2114 or 2040


Command Judge Advocate (CJA), DSN: 314.590.2114

Deputy CJA, DSN: 314.590.2132

Civilian Paralegal, DSN: 314.590.2229

7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.