Equal Opportunity

Serves as the principal advisor to the MRC,EUR Commander on all Equal Opportunity (EO) related matters.

  • Understands and articulates Department of Defense (DoD) and Army policies concerning equal opportunity within the MRC,EUR.
  • Assists the commander in implementing a Consideration of Others Program.
  • Recognizes and assesses indicators of institutional and individual discrimination in organizations.
  • Recognizes sexual harassment in both overt and subtle forms.
  • Recommends appropriate remedies to eliminate and prevent unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment.
  • Continuously assesses the command climate through formal surveys, interviews and accessibility to the unit.
  • Collects, organizes, and interprets demographic data concerning all aspects of EO climate assessment.
  • Assists commanders in assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating the EO program.
  • Prepares input for the QNSR, which supports the Army's Military Equal Opportunity Assessment (MEOA).
  • Trains unit EORs to assist commanders in meeting their EO responsibilities.
  • Organizes or assists with unit EO training sessions that pertain to equal opportunity, unlawful discrimination, prevention of sexual harassment, and the consideration of others program.
  • Assists in evaluating the effectiveness of unit training conducted by commanders.
  • Plans and helps conduct executive seminars for senior leadership, on EO action plans and affirmative actions, equal opportunity, unlawful discrimination, the consideration of others program and the prevention of sexual harassment.
  • Receives and assists in processing individual complaints of unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment and conduct EO inquiries according to the commander's guidance.
  • Provides advisory assistance to commanders and investigating officers in the investigation and resolution of unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment complaints.
  • Review and comments on investigative reports of equal opportunity complaints for compliance with DoD and DA EO policy and objectives.
  • Conducts follow-up assessments of all formal EO complaints.
  • Assists in the planning and conduct of ethnic observances/special commemorations, as outlined in table 6-1.
  • Assists commanders in developing the EO policy for their unit.
  • Maintains, where appropriate, informal liaison with community organizations fostering civil rights. If the EOA decides to become a member of such organizations in his/her private capacity, he/she must coordinate with the servicing judge advocate to preclude possible conflicts of interest.
  • Conducts staff assistance visits to subordinate units and other headquarters (commensurate or lower).
  • Assists commanders in the development of realistic affirmative action plans and monitor progress of plans.

Equal Employment Opportunity

The MRC,EUR EEO Office provides advice and guidance to the MRC,EUR Commanding General and staff, as well as subordinate unit commanders on all matters affecting policy, assessment and compliance of the EEO program by:
  • Providing guidance and assistance in the development of a diverse MEDCOM workforce that includes representation of women and minority groups, e.g. monitor workforce profile, identify applicant pools and resources, conduct timely staff assistance visits (SAV);
  • Assisting MRC,EUR commanders, managers, and supervisors in assuring a workforce environment free of any unlawful discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability (physical and/or mental), or reprisal for engaging in EEO protected activity for all MEDCOM personnel, e.g. reduce EEO complaint processing time, train managers and employees;
  • Identifying and helping to eliminate barriers to the employment of qualified individuals with disabilities or accessibility to entitled services or programs at MRC,EUR facilities, e.g. ensure access to services or programs, monitor information technology (IT) accessibility; and
  • Additionally, With the significant geographic dispersal of MRC,EUR facilities and activities (medical, dental, and veterinary), the greatest part of the operational aspect of the command's EEO Program continues to be conducted through EEO offices belonging to the Installation Management Command (IMCOM) or other Major Army commands (MACOM). Servicing responsibilities are outlined in Common Levels of Support or Memorandums of Understanding for intra-service assistance at installations located throughout CONUS and outside of CONUS.

Contact Information


Sembach, Bldg 110

EO: 314-590-2282
EEO: 314-590-2139

EO: 011-49-(0)6371-9464-2282
EEO: 011-49-(0)6371-9464-2139

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.