G-8 Resource Management


Serves as the principal advisor to the Commanding General and Medical Readiness Command, Europe staff on fiscal policy and execution of the full spectrum of resource management support to MRC,EUR and other U.S. Army Medical Command units in Europe as required. Resource management functions include: Program and Budget; Manpower Management; Financial Accounting; Management Analysis; Inter-organizational Agreements; Managerial Cost Accounting; Business Planning; Statistical Reporting and Patient Revenue Collections (Uniform Business Office).


  • Coordinates financial policy and procedures with USAMEDCOM/OTSG, in support of NATO, Army Service Component Commands and Army elements assigned to non-DOD organizations in the EUCOM, AFRICOM and CENTCOM Areas of Operation.
  • Develops, submits and monitors the command operating budget; coordinates distribution of resources to subordinate units IAW AR 37-100 and HQ MEDCOM guidance.
  • Establishes and monitors procedures for the administrative control of funds and triannual joint reviews of commitments and obligations IAW DODFMR.
  • Serves as principal advisor to and facilitates Program Budget Advisory Committees.
  • Assists and oversees the submission of Medical Expense and Performance Reporting System (MEPRS) data by MTFs to USAMEDCOM; serves as MEPRS integrator for MTF MEPRS analysts.
  • Conducts regional level quarterly Reviews & Analysis; provides staff assistance visits and periodic inspections to subordinate units.
  • Maintains and monitors the Managers Internal Control Program (MICP) and five year plan IAW AR 11-2.
  • Reviews, analyzes and facilitates force structure documentation IAW The Army Authorization Documents System (TAADS), and the application of manpower staffing standards.
  • Maintains compliance with DOD FM Certification requirements.

Contact Information



Sembach, Bldg 110


DSN: 314.590-xxxx
Commercial: 0049.(0)6371.9464.xxxx

Assistant Chief of Staff, Resource Management:
DSN: 590-6269
Commercial: 00-49-(0)6371-9464-6269

Chief, Financial Operations (Budget):
DSN: 590-2063
Commercial: 00-49-(0)6371-9464-2063

EMAIL: usarmy.sembach.medcom-rhc-e.list.g8@mail.mil

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.