Contact Information

NAME:  Ansbach Veterinary Treatment Facility

TELEPHONE:  +49 (0)6371-9464-3777    DSN:  314-590-3777

ADDRESS: Katterbach Kaserne, BLDG 9003, 91522 Ansbach, GE

What you need to know


  • Pet Registration Forms
  • Veterinary Treatment Facility Policies
  • Pet Ownership in Europe
  • PCSing with Pets
  • Emergency Care & Off Base Veterinarians


Ansbach Veterinary Treatment Facility

As our mission allows, we are happy to provide appointments for your pets! We offer appointments for health certificates, wellness, sick call, and procedures. Please see our monthly schedule below for our community clinic days.

Our reception team is available Monday through Wednesday, and Fridays for in/out processing, scheduling, medication refills, and information.

Due to Staff turnover, we will only be able to intermittently triage Ansbach Veterinary Clinic phone and email. This will result in reduced available hours of operation for the clinic.
  • Estimated time-line is three months of reduced operations starting 01 February. 
  • Please plan ahead for your PCS with pets, we will over limited services from 17-28 June.
Please consider off-post veterinary capabilities for appointments, especially for emergencies. We are sorry for the inconvenience to the USAG Ansbach Community.
We do not provide emergency services. Veterinary services are by appointment only.